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John Atkins, Curriculum Developer/Coach

John Atkins

Specializing in both human and organizational growth and development, John Atkins brings three decades of experience as an educator, community developer, journalist, and public relations/marketing professional. He has worked in the private, public and post-secondary education sectors, the health care sector, the social service sector and in the corporate sector.

As a corporate consultant/trainer, he has facilitated team building in small and medium sized Ontario companies, (under 50 employees) as well as many entrepreneurial start-ups.  A graduate of Robert Fritz’s training program in Creating TM, he has taught the principles to literally dozens of clients, in small groups, large groups and in one-on-one sessions.

Combining the principles of “creating” with James Hillman’s Acorn Theory, he has developed a unique training model for team building, along with an original questionnaire to help individuals discover his own “Acorn.” In another combination of original thinkers, he has developed a training module to make professional educators and executives familiar with both “systems thinking and archetypes”.

Participants in his training sessions say: “I had not seen things from that perspective before this training session.” He facilitates new windows on the possible, even if the process is sometimes a stretch for the learners. He has an undergraduate degree in English and History, and two graduate degrees:  Educational Administration and Divinity.

Please feel free to contact him at 1-866-511-4769 or

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