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  • The Acorn Theory: An Introduction
  • An Introduction to Archetypal Psychology
  • Exploring Hidden Inner Voices
  • An Introduction to Jung's Persona/Shadow Tension
  • Retracing and Reframing our Personal/Organizational History
  • Beliefs and Time Management: It's Not the Clock, Dummy!
  • Power and Its Abuse: When We Own our Own, We Have No Need for More
  • Poetry and the Human Imagination: a Missing Component in Business
  • Becoming a "Swiss Army Knife" for Entrepreneurs
  • Reclaiming my Work-Life Balance
  • Negotiating for Parents and Teens
  • Negotiating for College Students

Fee Structure

  • A two-hour interactive seminar: $500.
  • A one-day seminar: $1000
  • A two day seminar: $1750
  • A weekend workshop (Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday): $2000

All fees are plus transportation, accommodation, and additional disbursements and taxes. Also, a maximum of 100 participants is preferred for these sessions.

The Acorn Centre is very interested in working with your Learning Opportunity Planners to create a learning experience which is congruent with your organization’s learning goals and culture. We prefer to enter in the planning stage, prior to the event, and we will negotiate a professional fee, making a proposal consistent with your perspectives.

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