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We would like to bring the insights of Archetypal Psychology into the mix of perspectives in the minds of decision-makers in schools, hospitals, social service agencies, and corporations.

The many archetypes which play out in our lives, are windows into our personal story and pattern, providing insight, balance and opportunity for growth and self acceptance.

We are committed to working with individuals and organizations in their pursuit of the core archetypes in their character, and in their organizational culture, with a view to more clarity and a deeper appreciation of their unique character and potential.

We would like to advocate for students who are struggling between the force of their unique 'acorn' and the demands of their parents and teachers.

We would like to coach individuals into greater clarity of their options, their strengths, and their uniqueness, thereby empowering them to make more appropriate decisions in and for their lives.

We would like to partner with others whose vision and goals are congruent with ours, in a mutually creative and challenging relationship, for the benefit of all - partners and clients.

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