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We believe that your organization's annual meeting, commencement, social service club's dinner meeting, or business luncheon will be significantly enhanced with the engagement of our professional lecture service.

Our clients report that we offer a stimulating, provocative and imaginative perspective, which challenges the listeners individually and collectively to contemplate positive changes, from a positive, realistic perspective.

Canadian Confidence - the Missing Ingredient! (To read)

Bosses and their Myopia

This explores the capacity of leaders to hear themselves when they speak, to enter into reality checks of their leadership style, and the impact they are having on their colleagues, the existence and validity of internal formal and informal systems of feedback, testing and re-entering the loop, and some perspective of the 'heroes' the leader brings into the workplace culture.

Reductionisms in Corporate Thinking and Decision-Making

This explores band-aid solutions, heroism addictions, crisis management tendencies, public relations versus archivist importance, balance-sheet blindnesses, reward systems which do not match the corporate stated mission and vision, and the area of risk and risk aversion, including the right to experiment, to be wrong, to risk, without penalty or threat of penalty.

Leadership Versus Bullying, Manipulation, Driving and Control

This explores the differences between threat power and integrative power, who uses each, when, where, why, and with what impact and results. It explores the equation between task accomplishment and relationship building, the variance between hubris and confidence, and the pursuit of a legacy by various leaders.

Policy and VisionVersus Managing, Tinkering and Tweeking

This explores the sine-qua-non quality of vision in every organization. It attempts to strike a balance between micro-management and macro management which discerns when each is appropriate. As the saying goes, the 747 pilot may have his 'ship' on automatic pilot for much of the flight, but if and when the turbulence starts, he had better be able to take the stick, delegate the check-list, keep his equanimity and 'bring 'er down safely'. However, if he flew with his hands leaving imprints in the stick during normal flight conditions, his flight career would be curtailed by his own choices.

Imagination: An Integral Component in Organizational Effectiveness

Read the poetry, get tickets to the theatre and the symphony, and the ballet and the Second City presentations; hire Dave Broadfoot for your company's annual dinner, or if you have the budget, try Robin Williams or the crew from "This Hour has 22 Minutes" or even just one of them to do her impersonation of 'Dubya'. This is not only a fleeting prescription for an organizational headache, but a recommendation for permanent changes in the conversational, perceptual, attitudinal diet of the company and the dividends are both short and long-term, and positive.

Risk Management: Not Aversion or Avoidance

Anal Retentive Types Versus the Knights Errant and Other Contemporary Myths

Fundamentalism: A Driving Force for Sabotage

Bringing Liberal Arts to the Business/Organizational Arena

Fee Structure

Our normal fee for lectures is $1,500 for 45 minutes plus a Q/A session, plus transportation and accommodation and appropriate taxes.

Should you wish a video sampler, please contact us.


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