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  The Entrepreneur Questionnaire

You can fill out this questionnaire and submit the results for evaluation or print out the .PDF version and mail it in instead.

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1. Who are the five people from history, literature, or the movies whom you would invite to join in you business? And what is the quality of each for which you would made each selection?
2. What is the one thing that you do in your business that you do better than anyone you know?
3. What are the three things that you really do not like to do, in your business?
4. What is the greatest fear you have about your business? If this were a marriage, and you were asked for the most likely reason it might fail, what would you answer?
5. If you could paint a picture of how your business is operating, after the next twelve months, what would that picture look like? (Be very specific.)
6. Who is the greatest supporter of your business? What does this person(s) bring to the table, that you need? Where can you find more of it?
7. What is the difference between creating something new and solving an existing problem?
8. What is the one subject MBA students in the U.S. are craving to learn about?
9. What do you believe are the three most important reasons why your business is so unique?
10. What has been your experience when you attempt to negotiate with the other entrepreneurs?
11. Who/What is your primary target as a client, in the next month, six months, year? Why have you chosen that target?
12. Who/What is your primary target as a supporter in the next month, six months, year? Why?
13. What specific goal have you set for yourself to accomplish in the next year, and how will you know that you have accomplished it?
14. What is your history with goal-setting, visioning, planning, and executing?
15. What would you have to do differently if you really wanted to see results you have never seen before?


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