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When we interview prospective clients, whether they are CEO’s, or entrepreneurs running their own business, we naturally ask questions, to determine the perspective, and the needs of the organization.

Consulting, as a buzz-word, in the corporate world, has undergone many “morphings” from trouble-shooter, to problem-solver, to coach, to diagnostician, to pharmacist with an instant remedy (often ‘off the shelf’ and not a prescription), an analyst, an accountant, or perhaps a psychologist. And of the latter, there are literally dozens of varieties.

If we were asked to select from the above list, we consider ourselves generalists, trainer/educators, with an interest in analyzing from a systemic, holistic, approach.

In ordinary terms, we are more analogous to climatologists than weather forecasters, and we prefer to examine and intervene after we have some understanding of the patterns in decision-making, and in crisis intervention, and in human relations and team-functioning.

Examining and treating symptoms is usually less effective than a close examination of root causes of dynamics. While treating symptoms may relieve the immediate discomfort, it may not deal with the underlying issues. There are also more indicators of the health of the organization from a critical look at its successes. Even the most minimal success, when really examined, can generate many learnings…based on the company’s own footprints.

Often we find that those footprints have not been carefully considered as significant ways to document both what the company produces and how it does “its thing”.

Our professionals have a repertoire of both “best practice” and “less than best practice” experience, from nearly half a century in various organizations, public and private corporations, educational institutions, and community development agencies. We have formally and informally studied leaders, leadership styles, decision-making modalities, cultural change and its implications, and the relationship between the individual and the organization, no matter where s/he is on the “org.chart.”

We have also done considerable reading, coaching, training and mentoring of executive and middle-management trainees, and experienced practitioners. And we have found that one-on-one is a great way to practice learning new skills.

So if you are considering some questions around enhancing performance, improving the workplace culture to generate better relationships, or more effective communications, or better decisions, or improved team-effectiveness, we are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised by the long-term positive results of your call

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